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Race news from Run Fast athlete Shavaun Henry!
31st October 2012

Deb and Kam have been looking after Shavaun Henry as she hit the ground at quite a speed in time for the winter season with a variety of races mid October. She ran her first race of the winter on October 21st, followed by an additional 10 mile road road race, the Cabbage Patch 10 in Middlesex and another cross country race in Bristol on the 28th. Shavaun finished 15th in Bristol and ran a personal best in the Cabbage Patch 10 mile by 2 minutes, coming in the 9th woman! Andrew, her fellow Run Fast racer, broke the Cabbage Patch course record. HFS are sending big congrats to her and Andrew for their great launch into the winter.

Shavaun Henry and Andrew Lesuuda

Shavaun Henry and Andrew Lesuuda at the Cabbage Patch 10 mile

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