How We Work

Modern thinking in medicine recognises that pooling the knowledge of different experts and treating patients using a team approach provides superior outcomes. At HFS Clinics we have specialists in pain management, manipulative therapies, exercise rehabilitation, strength & conditioning and running and sports performance working together to help you achieve your exercise or sporting goals. Our sole aim is to keep you active and performing at the highest level possible without undue stiffness, pain and injury.

Clinical Journey

We want you to achieve optimal physical performance without the use of unnecessary painkillers, injections or even surgery. We always aim to identify and treat the underlying causes of pain and injury, as well as the symptoms themselves, so that our patients can expect long term, lasting relief and not just a quick fix.

Pain & Injury



Tissue Treatment

Exercise Rehabilitation

Maintenance & Review

Optimal Wellbeing

Pain & Injury

Most pain does not start with a one-off traumatic injury. Around 95% of the time, patients develop pain quite gradually and do not remember a single injuring event.

So, most of the time, it is better to think of the physical aspects of pain as being due to the body not coping with low level repeated stress, rather than actually being damaged.

In fact, our pain threshold is set relatively low compared to the amount of force and stress actually required to cause our tissues damage.

"Around 95% of the time, patients develop pain quite gradually and do not remember a single injuring event"

Enhancing your capabilities

The volume of stress your tissues can tolerate without breaking down within a given period of time is dependent on past injury, tissue quality, age, flexibility, strength and, very importantly, how efficiently we habitually move and hold ourselves. We all have our limits and even the best athletes in the world will break down with some kind of problem if they do too much. We sometimes refer to this as your “envelope of function”.

The important thing is that most of us are able to improve this functional capacity through a combination of physiotherapy, movement pattern correction and exercise conditioning.

Whether you are recovering from a traumatic injury, have maybe had surgery or are not in pain at all but just looking to enhance your performance, by expanding your functional envelope, we can help you enjoy higher levels of physical activity without undue stress and discomfort.

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