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The Virgin London Marathon 2012 is around the corner and in the run up to it we want to get you as prepared as possible. This month as part of the Marathon Series we are looking at Kinesiotaping. Athletes, novices and professionals, are always looking for an extra edge. While the brightly coloured tape may look like a “fad” or “gimic”, kinesiotaping is increasingly being used by many of the world’s elite athletes to optimize strength, improve technique and enhance healing, and it has a growing body of research to back it up. Kinesiotaping to Improve Calf Function Numerous professional footballers, International Rugby players, professional tennis players and track and field athletes have been prominently utilizing this technique over the last few months. Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal have used it on the neck and shoulder region, to reduce tightness due to unavoidable high levels of stress on these muscles during tennis. John Bishop’s legs were covered in it to assist him to finish his “Week of Hell” for Sports Relief, running into Trafalgar Square after cycling, rowing and running his way from Paris to London. Gareth Bale has used it to correct the muscle activation of his quadriceps and adductor (groin) muscles. And that’s only the athlete’s we can see it on… Kinesiotape can be applied to improve posture, alter muscle function and optimize strength. Different taping techniques can be used to either increase or decrease the activation of a muscle depending on what a client and their sport requires. Kinesiotape can be left on the skin for several days, providing a continuous treatment effect for this time. Kinesiotape is particularly effective component of comprehensive physiotherapy treatment for the following conditions: * Patellofemoral pain and maltracking * ITB friction syndrome/ ITB tightness * Tight calves * Tennis elbow/ golfer’s elbow * Plantar fasciitis * Shin splints Kinesiotaping, using the distinctive brightly coloured tape (or a more subtle beige) is now available at HFS Clinics.

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