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The Olympics is here so to celebrate we have a promotion offering a 25% discount on Video Gait Analysis and Physio Sessions.

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Video Gait Analysis Whilst it is easy to observe running styles in other people it is often very hard to appreciate how we are moving ourselves. High speed video analysis allows us to look frame by frame at your walking and running movement patterns and marry this with the aches and pains you may have associated with these weight bearing activities. Physiotherapy Before actually treating a problem, one must first have a diagnosis. Traditionally this has focused on which tissue is causing the pain and to what degree has this tissue become less healthy or damaged. At HFS Clinics, not only are our Physiotherapists able to provide you with an accurate tissue diagnosis, but also with the likely underlying clinical and lifestyle issues that actually lead to the pain or injury you have in the first place. By treating the underlying cause of a problem as well as the outward symptoms, the problem is more likely to get better (and more quickly), and importantly less likely to recur.

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