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Julz-Adeniran A warm welcome to the first in my series of blogs for HFS Clinics! I’m Julz Adeniran, Great Britain & England 110m Hurdler, and I’ll be sharing with you the twists and turns along my path to the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympic Games. I’ll be aiming to provide a behind-the-scenes insight to the quest of an aspiring Olympian. Following such a successful home Games, vying for a converted spot to represent Team GB in Brazil promises to be a very colourful journey, I hope you enjoy the ride! A little background to begin with, whilst I’ve always been a keen sportsman from a young age it wasn’t until I was 16 that I stumbled upon hurdling. First given the chance to have a go at the sprint hurdles during a school fixture, I took to the event like a duck to water and it wasn’t long before my new found talent was picked up on. During the year that followed I would go on to make my international debut and I’ve since represented Great Britain at World and European age-group championships over the last few years. Having now completed my University studies I am focused on training and competing full-time, with the aim of challenging for major championships honours and (with any luck) emulating the successes of our Olympic heroes from last summer. Unfortunately, whilst a promising start to 2012 did see me in good contention for Team GB selection, I was eventually forced me to sit-out and spectate. A freak fall during a qualification race and consequent cruciate ligament damage to my knee abruptly ended my London Olympic ambitions. However with the support of HFS physiotherapists Greg Ryan and Nick Critchley, I’ve been able to make a full recovery from this injury some 9 months after the fateful accident. It’s feels great to be hurdling and competing once again. Sprint hurdlers and other fast twitch athletes are often likened to Formula 1 cars, you ask such a lot from your body to constantly perform at very high levels and so you’re often treading a fine line between pushing your every limit or breaking down with injury. Therefore it’s a fantastic help to be able to call upon such a high quality and trustworthy pit-stop team in HFS Clinics, regular maintenance and injury prevention is crucial to being able to consistently perform at world class levels. As the start of the Outdoor athletics season fast approaches I’m extremely excited to put my feet in the starting blocks and take the first steps on the ‘Road to Rio’! Julz Follow me on Twitter here or visit me here

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