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Before we set out on long driving holiday it’s standard procedure to check the car and make sure it is going to get you through your journey… but what about your body? Are your knees going to make it through your next ski holiday? Is your back going to make it through the DIY? Are your legs going to make it through your next challenge? At HFS we have the skills to assess and treat the contributing factors that are likely to lead to problems when you increase your level of physical exercise. We can assist with correction of posture and alignment issues, and provide strength and flexibility programs to change the way you move so that pain and injury risk are reduced and performance is maximized. So whether it’s your new years resolution to get off the sofa and start exercising regularly, to complete your first marathon or just to survive your next ski trip why not come in and see us for a BodyMOT? An HFS BodyMOT will consist of a 45 minute physiotherapy screening which will assess your body and movement patterns and determine what you need to focus on in order to achieve your goal. This might be improving you running technique, strengthening your legs, changing your diet, improving your flexibility or something more unique to you. Based on the outcome of this assessment, you can then choose EITHER a 30 minute physio session OR 60 minute session with a nutritionist OR 45 minute personal training session to take the first steps towards achieving your goals. Until the 11th of January 2013, the HFS BodyMOT is only £99! Quote “Body MOT” when booking with HFS. Contact Anita at or click here to book your appointment! Christmas Special: Body MOT

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