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Orthotics get some bad press when they are used over and above anything else and so here at HFS we use them as part of a programme of care for our injured runners. Often changes in muscle balance with exercise therapies and more suitable running footwear is enough to eliminate those niggling injuries.When orthotics are properly prescribed they can be very effective. We use a number of assessment techniques for orthotic therapy and we make you run to assess the suitability – you should walk away from a clinic that reccomends orthotics for running without actually analysing your running technique! Video gait analysis is the gold standard test for those with running injury and those embarking on any running programme for the first time. Orthotics are useful as long as they are aimed at helping the underlying cause of injury, and worth exploring if the injury is a recurrent one with hard to shift symptoms. Call 0207 702 1112 for an appointment or email with your questions for our Podiatry team here at HFS Clinics.

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