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20% off your initial assessment and treatment of persistent verrucas by our Podiatrist specialising in nail surgery and verruca treatment A verruca is a viral infection on the skin of the foot caused by HPV virus. It is a very common condition especially amongst children of school years, however adults do get affected and it is often in adults, where a verruca tends to stay for longer periods, when treatment is needed. Our specialist Podiatrist will assess the verruca and you will be offer the most appropriate treatment for you. Most treatments such as chemical and freezing treatments aim to destroy the infected tissue and thus creating an inflammatory response from you immune system. Dry needling works by disrupting each individual papilla and creating a portal to allow the immune-system to attack the verruca directly. Dry needling is an effective technique for treating stubborn verrucae and is carried out painlessly under local anaesthetic. If the verruca is still present after 3-4 months, we will offer another dry needling session free of charge. For a discounted consultation and assessment, call in now on 0844 264 0334 Offer code: POD1. Verruca

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