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It always puts us in a great mood hearing good reports from happy clients! Deb Wadham has been working with runner Justina Heslop, looking after her post 5th met stress fracture, keeping her racing. Justina came to HFS after experiencing problems with her foot. Deb diagnosed it quickly and accurately and Justina was so happy with the results she wrote in to give feedback. Here’s what Justina had to say after working with HFS… “I have competed for England in several road and cross country races.  I like to run on the road and my personal bests are 32:40 for 10k and 15.47 for 5k. I find the physiotherapists at HFS to be friendly and extremely knowledgeable about running. Earlier this year I developed a problem with my foot (which turned out to be a fracture) and HFS helped diagnose, treat the problem and rehabilitate me quickly. They analysed my gait and gave me expert advice on conditioning exercises to prevent future problems and strengthen key areas that contributed to the injury.  They were also aware of how important running is to me, so suggested a cross training programme to help me maintain my fitness so I could get back to running as soon as possible.” It’s a pleasure Justina! Whether you are developing a problem or want to increase your strength to avoid problems you can contact Deb here for advice… All the best The HFS Team Justina_Victoria Park Justina Blaydon

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