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Corrigo is a company dedicated to providing an intelligent, ergonomic solution to office seating.
Office seating designed by ergonomic experts.

Working together with physiotherapists and orthopedic clinicians, we have developed an in-depth understanding of the mechanics of the human body, particularly the back. The product of this research is Corrigo’s range of ergonomic office seating. Each office chair we make is fully adjustable to suit 99% of body shapes and encourages good posture.

Prevent and alleviate back pain with well designed office seating

We have designed an office seating solution which is so flexible, it can be adjusted to fit your individual body shape giving you full support, preventing you from developing a back complaint and providing relief from any existing back pain. Sitting in the correct posture also opens your chest out, allowing you to breathe more deeply. More oxygen is supplied to the brain when you sit this way, giving you a mental boost and increasing your productivity.

Contemporary office seating to suit any room

Being creative designers, Corrigo couldn’t just give you an ergonomic office chair without paying an equal amount of attention to its looks. The Corrigo range of office seating is contemporary and stylish and comes in a wide variety of colours and finishes which will fit into any home or office environment.

Take the time to browse our range of office seating and discover the unrivalled comfort and support of the latest in ergonomic office furniture.

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