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Craig Brown

I grew up in the rough area of Peckham, South London and started Taekwondo when I was 11 years old. A leaflet was handed out at my school and I begged my mum to take me to the class so I could be just like my idols, Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali.

Taekwondo has kept me on the straight and narrow, away from negativity which could have easily sent me down a very different path. It has also equipped me with valuable life skills and values which have shaped me into the athlete and individual I am today. For 6 years up to November 2009 I was based in Loughborough then Manchester training full time with the National Taekwondo Academy. Since leaving the Academy I have moved back to London and continued with my own training program and competing regularly. I have opened up my own club “Positive Impact” which is aimed at the local problematic community, so hopefully I can have a “positive Impact” on their lives like my first club and instructors had on my life.

Competing in Athens Olympics (2004) was an amazing experience that left me even more focused and intent on my ultimate dream which is to be an Olympic medallist. Due to injury I had to miss out on Beijing 2008 but now I am fully fit, fully determined with one goal …….. London 2012