HFS Clinics offer a 20% discount off all physiotherapy services. HFS Card members will only pay £60 for the initial physiotherapy consultation (normally £75) and £50 for all subsequent appointments (normally £60).

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PruHealth launched in October 2004 and is backed by two large International financial services companies – Prudential and Discovery Holdings.  More recently PruHealth acquired Standard Life Healthcare in 2010.

Prudential plc is an expert in finance. Discovery Holdings is the leading South African private medical insurance company who pioneered rewarding people for healthy living.

We draw on these core strengths of product innovation and financial expertise to offer you the most flexible, comprehensive and rewarding private medical insurance around.

Our experience is recognised, with our awards including Best Individual Private Medical Insurance Provider of the Year 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010 at the Health Insurance Awards.

No wonder almost 600,000 people in the UK trust us to care for their health.