Private Medical Insurance

If your policy is with BUPA, BUPA INTERNATIONAL or AXA PPP,AXA INTERNATIONAL we will invoice your insurer directly for fees to cover your treatment. Please read below for more detail.

For all other insurance providers, you will need to pay for your treatments at the end of each session and reclaim the fees from your insurer unless prior arrangement is made with the clinic – in this case please email direct : 

  • Check the details of your policy thoroughly
  • Contact your insurer prior to commencing treatment to find out what you need to do to reclaim your fees
  • Check whether you need to be referred by your GP or a consultant prior to booking treatment
  • Find out how many treatments / what monetary value your insurer will cover
  • Ensure your policy covers you for treatment with Health and Fitness Solutions Ltd or for Wayne Edwards or Christina Sedgwick for Podiatry treatment.

If your insurer cannot find us on their register, please call us on 020 702 1112 so we can assist.


We will invoice BUPA or AXA PPP / Insurers on your behalf. Note that you can usually only claim for Physiotherapy and Podiatry Treatments

Please note we trade as HFS Clinics – but our provider name is Health and Fitness Solutions Ltd for when you call for authorisation please use following codes:


Physiotherapy : 80009324

Podiatry : Wayne Edwards 85001566


Physiotherapy Aldgate : ZZ01943

Physiotherapy Harley Street : ZZ01945

New Broad Street : ZZ01944

For the first appointment of any claim, we will need:

  • An up to date membership number
  • An injury pre-authorisation code from your insurance provider
  • The number of sessions or value that has been approved
  • Occasionally invoices are returned unpaid as a result of policy limitations. In such circumstances, you will become liable for any outstanding fees and will need to pay us yourself. We will take credit card details and store them in an encrypted format within our secure billing system.

If you do not agree with any of these charges, you will need to contact your insurance provider directly.

Some of the reasons why an insurer may not pay an invoice:

  • Excess Fees: Most policies carry an excess which you will need to pay us directly.
  • Unauthorised Treatments: If you have more treatment than your insurance provider has authorised, you will need to pay us for any unauthorised treatments.
  • Relevant Authorisation: If you do not have the relevant authorisation from your insurer, you may have to pay for treatment until this is resolved.

It is your responsibility to know the terms of your insurance cover. You are also responsible for keeping track of your sessions so you know when your cover has expired. As the patient, you are personally liable for any outstanding fees.

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