Active Rehabilitation

Active exercise is the key to full rehabilitation after any injury or persistent aches and pains. Pain will always change the way in which we hold ourselves, how our muscles function and therefore how we move and restoring normal movement patterns is the most important thing for resolving more persistent pain conditions where injury to tissues is not really the main issue anymore.

Patients who receive manipulative therapies only, or with only a minimal amount of exercise and strength and conditioning, can usually only expect short term relief at best.

Unfortunately, due to funding pressures in the NHS and restrictions imposed by medical insurance companies, the majority of treatment episodes are being cut short which results in an increasing amount of recurring and chronic problems developing.

At HFS we excel at delivering, not only effective short term relief in the form of joint and soft tissue manipulation, but really effective and comprehensive long term solutions to pain and injury through active, exercise-based treatment programmes. Our clinicians are all experts in the fine details of postural correction, Pilates and ensuring muscles are firing and sequencing in the correct manner, as well as the strength & conditioning and sports specific training that is needed to perform at high levels right the way through to elite athletes.

This kind of approach requires that the patient is a fully engaged in their treatment programme and we love working with these kinds of clients who are really motivated to make real long term gains in their physical well being.

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