Pilates is a system of physical conditioning that requires the participant to control optimal body movement patterns using appropriate muscle recruitment and control of breathing and posture at all times.
Done correctly this can be an extremely useful method of developing and maintaining body strength and conditioning and efficient movement patterns. However, like all movement, it is only useful when executed correctly. In our experience this is often not the case and we see many patients complaining of back pain, for example, who have tried Pilates and it has either made it worse, or not helped. Repeating any movement gets you better at doing exactly what you practiced. If the movement is suboptimal in the first place, you will inadvertently end up getting better at moving badly.

Many people who take up Pilates do so because they have grumbling pain problems, often involving the hips, pelvis and spine. The trouble is, when we are in pain, our neuromuscular system is not working properly and it then becomes very difficult to achieve optimal muscle activation and movement control. We often find that our clients who take up Pilates also need to do this alongside regular physiotherapy sessions in order to make a real breakthrough in terms of their symptoms and functional ability.

This is why HFS only use experienced physiotherapists to deliver the Pilates service in individual, one to one sessions or very small groups. The specific needs of each client are taken into account to ensure that the class delivers exactly what that individual needs to achieve their goals, rather than having a generic list of exercises that are covered each session.

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