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ConnectTherapy™ is a relatively new concept helping therapists and patients understand how all the movement systems in our body are connected and that, for one part to function well, it relies on all the others to do the same. This goes beyond just how each body part is connected but also how the body and mind are connected and how therapists and patients interact.

Research across many areas of musculoskeletal medicine has highlighted the importance of how patients move, their strategies for movement and how they feel in the development and maintenance of most types of pain and injury. ConnectTherapy™ allows clinicians to organise information from tests across multiple body areas to determine the most relevant movement problems to treat first.  In short, it allows us to quickly get to the real underlying movement and postural problems that are at the root of most insidious aches and pains.

Our specialist in this area is Greg Ryan who runs our Harley Street practice and he has many amazing success stories integrating this concept into his usual physiotherapy practice.

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