Foot Health

Our Foot Health team looks after all aspects of foot care. This includes routine chiropody for skin and nail lesions, verrucae, corns and calluses as well as more complex procedures such as nail surgery and nail reconstruction. High risk patients such as those with diabetes are also looked after by the Chiropody team.

We also use integrated Podiatry and Physiotherapy to analyse walking and running performance to help in the treatment of painful conditions associated with foot structure and function.

Cosmetic Nail Reconstruction

Toenail reconstruction is a medical procedure, as well as being cosmetic. It is performed by a podiatrist for patients who suffer from unsightly toenails, whether they have persistent fungal infection or are misshapen or permanently damaged. We are able to create a bespoke, cosmetically reconstructed toenail using a specialist gel...

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Nail Surgery

Our podiatrists are trained in surgery for ingrowing toenails and certified in the administration of local anesthetic. This provides a permanent solution for patients suffering with a long term issue of ingrowing toenails. This is done in a sterile environment with appropriate standards in place to ensure that infection risk...

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Routine Chiropody

Our podiatrists treat skin issues such as calluses, corns and verrucas as well as nail conditions including thickened or damaged nails and ingrown toenails. We are also able to help with the management and offer advice for other skin and nail conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and fungal infections. In...

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