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Pain Management

Chronic pain in the UK is a massive problem with around 20% of adults suffering from pain that is persistent and defies tissue healing times.  The cost to society is huge and the quality of life of those patients, as well as those of those closest to them, severely affected.

It is now recognised that the most effective way to treat chronic pain is in a multidisciplinary centre using the experience of experts in Pain Medicine, Physiotherapy, Functional Rehabilitation and Clinical Psychology, all working closely together to manage each aspect of the problem.

Experts in this field also agree that the most effective approach to the treatment of persistent pain should include not only the patient’s medical and physical problems, but also the psychological aspects of pain (how it interacts with our moods and emotions) as well as the impact that this has on our social interaction (work productivity, personal life and ability to function as an individual in society).  We call this the biopsychosocial model.

We are able to provide this integrated service all under one roof at our main centre in Aldgate where medical imaging, including MRI, ultrasound and x-ray, is also available if needed.

Our Clinical Director, Nick Critchley, holds specialist post-graduate qualifications in pain management and runs this service at our sites in Aldgate and Exeter.

We are often able to successfully treat long-standing spinal, pelvic and hip problems as well as headaches that have not responded well to previous attempts at more ‘regular’ treatment approaches.


Specialist level physiotherapy is is involved in most of the  clinical services that we deliver. We have assembled a team of very experienced Physiotherapists in different areas of musculoskeletal practice so that we are better able to manage the particular needs of our patients. Research suggests that an integrated service...

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Medical Management

Many patients, especially those with more chronic pain conditions or where there has been acute injury, may require medical management in addition to physiotherapy, pain education and sometimes clinical psychology input. People in pain should be able to expect pain relief as a basic part of their overall management. We...

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Clinical Psychology

For many patients in pain, problems with their body tissues may well not be the main problem preventing them from feeling better again. This is particularly true as a pain condition becomes increasingly chronic. As well as having an overly sensitive and protective nervous system, these patients often display characteristic...

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