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There is no doubt that poor postures and inefficient movement patterns are in some way related to most of the stiffness, aches and pains that we see in our patients. If our joints fit together better, they are loaded optimally and generally feel more comfortable. We find that attention to detail with this is very important and analysing postural problems in detail often unearths the causes of problems that our patients have suffered with for a long time and have not responded well to other treatment approaches.

Our physiotherapy treatments will nearly always include postural analysis and movement pattern correction as it is so important to the outcome of most of our patients problems.

We also use a new specialist postural anlysis called ConnectTherapy which goes into much more detail about how each body part connects and relies on its neighbours in order to function optimally. This is especially useful for more complex problems where patients have multiple areas of stiffness and or pain to deal with. It uses a methodical approach of analysis to try and unearth the cause and effect relationships that keep driving some peoples problems.


ConnectTherapy™ ConnectTherapy is a relatively new concept helping therapists and patients understand how all the movement systems in our body are connected and that, for one part to function well, it relies on all the others to do the same. This goes beyond just how each body part is connected...

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We offer both Display Screen Equipment (DSE) for office environments as well as more in depth ergonomic assessments for office workers with particular needs who are struggling with aches and pains and for whom simple DSE checks and other advice has not helped. Regular DSE assessments are a legal requirement...

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Specialist level physiotherapy is is involved in most of the  clinical services that we deliver. We have assembled a team of very experienced Physiotherapists in different areas of musculoskeletal practice so that we are better able to manage the particular needs of our patients. Research suggests that an integrated service...

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