We offer both Display Screen Equipment (DSE) for office environments as well as more in depth ergonomic assessments for office workers with particular needs who are struggling with aches and pains and for whom simple DSE checks and other advice has not helped.

Regular DSE assessments are a legal requirement for companies over a certain size. Outsourcing this means that you can focus on more important internal duties safe in the knowledge that your responsibilities in this area have not been neglected. A comfortable and injury free workforce can only be an asset to an employer. Our assessment process is designed to identify and lower risks, and we can organise appropriate precautions where necessary.

Advanced Ergonomic Assessment is more appropriate where you have staff members who have persistent problems and for whom a standard DSE assessment, perhaps in conjunction with physiotherapy, has not been helpful. This is more of a clinical service where a Physiotherapist, specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal problems, will come into your place of work and go through a thorough assessment of your individual workstation and relate this to your spinal posture and habitual work based movement patterns. This is ideally done in conjunction with a spinal Physiotherapy assessment so we are better able to marry your particular spinal condition with your work environment in order to provide the best possible advice and treatment.

Our services can be tailored to meet your specific requirements making sure we get it right for you. We manage the entire process, leaving you free to concentrate on your own responsibilities.

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