Running Performance

Integrated Physiotherapy and Podiatry assessment allows different experts to more accurately assess your foot structure, movement and function so that the underlying movement problems associated with lots of walking and running pain or injury is identified and treated effectively. Whilst it is easy to observe running styles in other people, it is often hard to appreciate how we are moving ourselves. We use high speed video analysis to look, frame by frame, at your walking and running action. We are often able to see really clear reasons for the aches and pains you may have associated with these weight bearing activities.

Think of your body like a machine. Like the moving parts of any machine, they are susceptible to wear and tear eventually but they do so more quickly if they are moving inefficiently. If you can learn to run more optimally, not only do you significantly reduce your risk of getting recurring overuse injuries but you also stand to improve your performance at the same time.

Our patients often report big improvements in their PBs when they return to running after treatment. Many problems in the lower limbs and even in the pelvis and lower back are associated with the way we walk and run. The real skill is in interpreting this information and relating it to your clinical problems. This is not something that we feel you should do with confidence in running shoe shops by people who are not medically trained.


A podiatrist is a specialist of the foot & ankle as well as the lower limb in general. Podiatrists who specialise in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal aches and pains are focused on how the body interacts with the ground during our walking and running activities. This can be...

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Specialist level physiotherapy is is involved in most of theĀ  clinical services that we deliver. We have assembled a team of very experienced Physiotherapists in different areas of musculoskeletal practice so that we are better able to manage the particular needs of our patients. Research suggests that an integrated service...

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Running Technique Coaching

As well as being qualified physiotherapists, some of our clinicians have postgraduate degrees in biomechanics and so have specialist training in analysing and understanding movement patterns. In addition to this we find that physiotherapists who are actually runners themselves have a greater insight into patients problems than non-runners would do....

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