Running Technique Coaching

As well as being qualified physiotherapists, some of our clinicians have postgraduate degrees in biomechanics and so have specialist training in analysing and understanding movement patterns. In addition to this we find that physiotherapists who are actually runners themselves have a greater insight into patients problems than non-runners would do. They know first hand the specific demands of running athletes and have trained hard, been injured and gone through running rehabilitation themselves.

Firstly, we analyse your running technique using high speed video analysis. This is such a powerful tool as it allows the runner to immediately see asymmetries in their running action or movement imperfections and inefficiencies that are slowing them down and adding to stress which could lead to overuse type injury.

Clients then use video as biofeedback by practicing changing their running action and replaying the video immediately to see the effect visually. It’s a learning process that does not always come easily but, as with most things, effective practice and repetition leads to productive change.

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