Spinal Health

Back and neck pain accounts for around 50% of the patients that come to see us.

Integrated programmes of advanced physiotherapy, pain education, postural correction, Pilates and strength and conditioning ensure that not only are spinal symptoms resolved quickly, but the underlying causes of those symptoms are also dealt with.

We deal with these problems quickly and effectively to avoid the risk of patients developing more chronic or persistent pain which is a growing problem in the UK.

Unlike in the NHS and under the restrictions of many medical insurance policies, our aim is not to discharge you as quickly as possible and provide the bare minimum of treatment. We want to help our patients to the very best of our ability and provide them with the necessary help and guidance to really achieve long term physical improvements.

This takes months of work to achieve for most people. We continue to work with our patients, for as long as it takes, to ensure that all the problems that helped get them into trouble in the first place are dealt with thoroughly.


Specialist level physiotherapy is is involved in most of theĀ  clinical services that we deliver. We have assembled a team of very experienced Physiotherapists in different areas of musculoskeletal practice so that we are better able to manage the particular needs of our patients. Research suggests that an integrated service...

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We offer both Display Screen Equipment (DSE) for office environments as well as more in depth ergonomic assessments for office workers with particular needs who are struggling with aches and pains and for whom simple DSE checks and other advice has not helped. Regular DSE assessments are a legal requirement...

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Active Rehabilitation

Active exercise is the key to full rehabilitation after any injury or persistent aches and pains. Pain will always change the way in which we hold ourselves, how our muscles function and therefore how we move and restoring normal movement patterns is the most important thing for resolving more persistent...

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Pilates is a system of physical conditioning that requires the participant to control optimal body movement patterns using appropriate muscle recruitment and control of breathing and posture at all times. Done correctly this can be an extremely useful method of developing and maintaining body strength and conditioning and efficient movement...

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