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Voice Clinic

When we hear someone’s voice, we are hearing movement. Air flowing past the vocal chords makes them vibrate creating the unique sound of our voices. The chords are moved by muscles but, like any muscle in the body, they can start to function poorly for various reasons.

We have teamed up with a leading ENT Consultant in Harley Street who screens the patients for problems with the chords themselves (cysts, lesions or bruising). However, voice control issues are often more to do with the connective tissues and muscles of the voice box working inefficiently due to postural and movement problems in the neck and trunk, rather than something being wrong with the voice box itself. Using a whole body assessment we can determine what exactly is ‘driving’ the voice to perform poorly (perhaps an old shoulder injury, a niggling back problem or a tight hip when you run).

This service is run by one of our most experienced physiotherapists, Greg Ryan, who runs the clinic in Harley Street.


“Working with Greg has been transformative. I had been struggling with voice issues for at least 10 years, had tried numerous treatments and had all but given up on finding a solution. In my very first session at the clinic Greg identified the root of the problem [shoulder] and I saw improvement with every visit and now, remarkably, I have my voice back. Greg’s expert and progressive approach to physiotherapy has made a huge difference to my life and well-being and I cannot thank or recommend him enough.”

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