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  • Home – HFS Clinics offers a variety of health and fitness solutions including physiotherapy, chiropody and podiatry for pain and injury relief.
  • Our Treatments – We at HFS Clinics offer a variety of pain relief treatments like gait analysis, orthotics, headaches and migraine etc. and exercises to ensure your overall fitness and agility for a great body and health.
    • Physiotherapy – Our physiotherapists will be able to provide you with an accurate tissue diagnosis, with the likely underlying clinical and lifestyle issues that lead to the pain or injury you have in the first place.
    • Acupuncture – Find out about our acupuncture treatment offered at our various clinics and discover how it may benefit you.
    • Chiropody – Chiropody is devoted to the study, diagnosis, treatment and management of disorders and conditions affecting the leg, ankle and foot. Click on the link to discover more about our chiropody treatment.
    • Podiatry – Podiatry covers the diagnosis and management of various foot conditions and we specialise in the identification of structural issues that can be associated with pain or injury in the foot.
    • Gait Analysis – High speed video analysis allows us to look frame by frame at your walking and running movement patterns and suggest improvements in order to eliminate any aches or pains associated with it.
    • Orthotics – An orthotic device (or orthoses) is a shoe insert which you may be recommended following a biomechanical assessment or gait analysis with a podiatrist. Discover more about our Orthotic treatment here.
    • Sports Massage – We use soft tissue massage as a component of a holistic treatment approach to identify the underlying cause of pain. Find out more about our sports massage treatment and its specialists here.
    • Headaches and Migraine – Headaches affect a large number of us through our lives and are one of the most common causes for visiting the GP. Discover more about our treatments on headaches and migraines.
  • About Us – HFS Clinics was created in 2003 by its Directors to help fill the growing needs of a population which has continued to become more sedentary and experience higher levels of associated pain and injury.
  • Blog – Find out the latest information and advice on treatments like orthotics, acupuncture and physiotherapy.
  • Contact Us – Any questions or something to say? Please feel free to contact us.
  • HFS Club – Join the HFS Club to get some fantastic discounts on all treatments. Call us on +44 (0) 207 702 1112 to join.
  • Our Products – Discover more about our product Solestar – A new concept of insoles for cyclists.
  • What Hurts – Here you can find out suggestions as to why you may be experience pain in certain areas of the body, how best to treat the pain and how to avoid pain in the future
  • Insurance – Health and Fitness Solutions is recognised by all UK medical insurance companies and we are happy to bill our clients’ specific UK companies for any appropriate treatment sessions which they may receive from us.
  • Our Team – Get to know our team of experts in treatments like physiotherapy, podiatry, chiropody etc. They can also offer specific advice for things like marathon training.
  • Cancellation Policy – Health and Fitness Solutions operates on an industry standard, 24 hour cancellation policy. We request you to give us a 24 hour notice when you need to cancel an appointment.
  • Clinics – Have a look at our various clinics located on Liverpool Street, Harley Street and Crosswall in London where physiotherapy, chiropody, acupuncture and various other treatments are offered.
    • Clinic at Harley Street – Visit our clinic at Harley Street in London which offers various treatments like physiotherapy, chiropody, acupuncture, podiatry etc.
    • Clinic at Aldgate – Visit our clinic at Aldgate in Crosswall, London which offers various treatments like physiotherapy, chiropody, acupuncture, podiatry etc.
    • Clinic at Liverpool Street – Visit our clinic at Liverpool Street in London which offers various treatments like physiotherapy, chiropody, acupuncture, podiatry etc.
    • Clinic at Chichester – Visit our clinic in Chichester, West Sussex which offers bio-mechanical assessment, video gait analysis, musculo-skeletal podiatry and the prescription of foot orthotic devices.

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