HFS Clinics offer a 20% discount off all physiotherapy services. HFS Card members will only pay £60 for the initial physiotherapy consultation (normally £75) and £50 for all subsequent appointments (normally £60).

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Chiropody in London

Chiropody is devoted to the study, diagnosis, treatment and management of disorders and conditions affecting the leg, ankle and foot.

The range of conditions that can be treated by our chiropodist include:

- Skin conditions such as callous and corns, and more complicated conditions such as eczema and psoriasis

- Nail conditions, such a thickened and deformed nails, and fungal nails, painful or ingrown toenails

- Verrucae

- Infections such as fungal infections, infected wounds, bites or ingrown nails

- Circulatory / vascular problems affecting the foot e.g. chilblains

- Foot ulcers / wounds

- Neurological problems such as painful neuropathy and changes to foot structure

- Complications from long term conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, gout and MS

- Chronic foot pain and pain in the lower limb

Our clinics are located at Aldgate, Moorgate and Harley Street in the City of London and the West End. We also offer a variety of health and fitness solutions for other pains and sport related injuries. Contact us now to take an appointment.

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