HFS Clinics offer a 20% discount off all physiotherapy services. HFS Card members will only pay £60 for the initial physiotherapy consultation (normally £75) and £50 for all subsequent appointments (normally £60).

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Corporate Services

Corporate Services

MSK pain and injury costs companies of all sizes a considerable amount of money each year. This is not just because of the time employees spend away from work having their aches and pains investigated and treated, but also due to the loss of productivity whilst they are at work; we cannot function and concentrate properly if we are in pain.

HFS Clinics are not just interested in treating companies’ employees once they have aches and pains. We want to work with companies to really try and understand their employees physical issues. By looking at the underlying physical problems that a work force has, we are not only able to treat their problems more effectively and efficiently, we are able to reduce the incidence of pain and injury in the first place.

This is achieved to a large degree through education about the physical problems that we all tend to face as a sedentary work force. A more educated work force is generally one that takes more responsibility for its own health and we believe that this is one of the key components in cutting the incidence of spinal pain, for example.

Of course there are still people who, despite their best attempts at trying to look after themselves, do develop problems. Our team of physiotherapists and ergonomists has many years of experience in successfully treating spinal pain, headaches and migraines and RSI or work related upper limb disorder (WRULD)

Our internal clinical training and development program as well as company policies and procedures mean that we are able to demonstrate clinical governance and quality assurance to our corporate clients. Working directly alongside some of London’s leading Medical and Orthopaedic Consultants, as well as having direct access to medical imaging at the City of London Medical Centre, means that accurate diagnosis is easily reached. Documented Care Pathways ensure that the most effective course of treatment is then administered for a given condition and that a successful outcome is reached quickly and efficiently. Treatment outcomes are recorded and we are able to demonstrate high quality, value for money treatment that lasts.

If you would like to speak to us and learn more about how we could help your company save money and cut absenteeism, please contact our Director of Physiotherapy, Nick Critchley for more information.

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