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Ergonomic DSE Assessments

We are Display Screen Equipment (DSE) specialists, providing complete Health and Safety solutions for office computer users and those who work from home.

Our mission is to minimise the number of hours that you and your team have to dedicate to the assessment process, giving you peace of mind that your DSE requirements have been fulfilled. A comfortable and injury free workforce can only be an asset to an employer. Our assessment process is designed to identify and lower risks, and we implement appropriate precautions where necessary. Our services can be tailored to meet your specific requirements making sure we get it right for you. We manage the entire process, leaving you free to concentrate on your own responsibilities.

Having worked in the DSE Health and Safety industry for over 13 years, we have extensive experience of working with a wide variety of clients, assisting them to achieve display screen equipment compliance. Our tried and tested product range provides display screen equipment to satisfy your needs, no matter how complex and no matter what your budget.

Health and Fitness Solutions are proud to be working with dse Assessments Ltd. Our clinicians are experts in the treatment of back pain, neck pain and headaches all of which are frequently caused by poor work station set up and chairs. We seek to find long term solutions to the problems suffered by our clients and in our experience correct desk and chair set up is essential in preventing and treating pain. Most people will gain all the improvements required from the excellent work done by dse Assessments. Health and Fitness Solutions will provide the clinical expertise in creating specific adaptions for those clients with complex problems who require a combined approach. We strongly believe that working together enables us to find ergonomic solutions for everyone. In addition to DSE assessments and other physiotherapy courses, we also offer special ergonomic assessments where our specialists will visit your place of work to carry out a thorough assessment of each individual workstation and offer advice on chair position, posture, exercise, breaks etc. to ensure good health at work.
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Ergonomic Assessment

Our clinicians will come into your place of work and do a thorough assessment of your individual workstation – above and beyond the minimum Health and Safety guidelines.

We will advise you on the optimal requirements your chair should offer – not just is it legal! It is important your chair fits you and actually does what an office chair is supposed to do (most do not, despite being ‘ergonomic’).

We then ‘marry’ you and your chair to your desk to ensure ideal posture and recommend changes based on what you need if a perfect ‘marriage’ is not possible.

Accessories used on your desk e.g. mouse, document holder are then positioned to best fit your job requirements, but whilst still maintaining ideal posture.

We also recommend additional things an employee can do to improve their musculoskeletal health whilst at work i.e. advice on exercise levels, hydration and breaks from the computer.

This reduces the factors that contribute to issues such as back-ache, neck pain or RSI.

Nick Critchley

Director of Physiotherapy

Nick graduated in 1997

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