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Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis

Whilst it is easy to observe running styles in other people it is often very hard to appreciate how we are moving ourselves. High speed video analysis allows us to look frame by frame at your walking and running movement patterns and marry this with the aches and pains you may have associated with these weight bearing activities.

Think of your body like a machine. Like the moving parts of any machine they tend to wear out eventually but they do so more quickly if they are moving badly. If you can learn to run more efficiently not only do you significantly reduce your risk of getting recurring over-use injuries but you also stand to improve your performance at the same time. Our patients often report big improvements in their PBs when they return to running after treatment.

Many problems in the lower limbs and even in the pelvis and lower back are associated with the way we walk and run. The real skill is in interpreting this information and relating it to your clinical problems. This is not something that we feel you should do with confidence in the running shoe shops; remember that they are sales assistants not podiatrists and whilst generic advice may be enough for some people we would recommend that you get an expert opinion for something this important.

With the use of orthotic devices and or physiotherapy rehabilitation it is then easy to correct the biomechanical imperfections observed on video. The podiatrist can also provide the best running shoe advice – again something best left to the experts rather than someone in a shop recommending something that they happen to stock at the time!

Wayne Edwards

MD & Director of Podiatry

Wayne graduated from the London Foot hospital in 1991.

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