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Physiotherapy in London

Before actually treating a problem, one must first have a diagnosis. Traditionally this has focused on which tissue is causing the pain and to what degree has this tissue become less healthy or damaged. At HFS Clinics, not only are our Physiotherapists able to provide you with an accurate tissue diagnosis, but also with the likely underlying clinical and lifestyle issues that actually lead to the pain or injury you have in the first place. By treating the underlying cause of a problem as well as the outward symptoms, the problem is more likely to get better (and more quickly), and importantly less likely to recur.

HFS physiotherapists are all expert manual therapists and so you can expect the same type of manipulative treatment that an osteopath or chiropractor might use. In this way we are actually quite similar. With most spinal or sporting injury, easing pain and restoring movement is actually the easy bit. The real trick is going that extra bit to try and prevent the same or similar problems from recuring. This is where we apply our unique programme of postural and movement pattern re-education so that you learn to hold yourself and move more efficiently wether it is during your work related activity, daily routine or in a sporting environment. If your body moves more efficiently you tend to find things wearing out less quickly. Whilst physiotherapy as a profession is criticised for not using enough active exercise as an integral part of treatment, physiotherapists at HFS Clinics excel at it.
What to expect from your Physiotherapy Programme

We allocate 45 minutes for your first appointment. It is important that we take time to listen to what you have to say about the problem and to understand how it affects you. We then marry up what you are telling us to various physical tests to reach the diagnosis. You should leave your first appointment knowing what the problem is, why it is there (if it is not an obvious traumatic event) and with a rough prognosis i.e. what is going to be involved for a successful outcome and how long you should expect this to take.

Sometimes more analysis is needed and you may be asked to see other Specialists to assess the problem further. Often with lower limb aches and pains this might involve seeing the Podiatrist for video gait anlysis or your walking and running style to assess if there are any movement problems that might be helping to create the aches and pains you have. We also work closely with many of London’s leading Medical and Orthopaedic Specialists and can help you to access these where necessary for second opinion and diagnostic imaging such and ultrasound and MRI.

Follow-up appointments are 30 minutes. This is usually a mix of manual therapy to get things moving comfortably again as well as exercise so that your body can re-learn and repeat simple normal movement patterns and integrate them into your daily activity and sporting technique. At the end of your session we are happy for you to stay and use the facilities to practice exercises, in fact we encourage it.

Our clinics are located at Aldgate (EC3)and Liverpool Street (EC1) and Harley Street (W1).

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Nick Critchley

Director of Physiotherapy

Nick graduated in 1997

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