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Podiatry and Pain in the Foot

We spend a significant amount of time on our feet during our lifetime so it should come as no surprise that from time to time we develop pain in foot and other problems which need the expert attention of a Podiatry specialist.

Podiatry covers the diagnosis and management of a range of foot conditions and we at HFS specialise in the identification of structural issues that can be associated with pain or injury – looking at the foot as part of a dynamic lower limb system.

The foot is our body’s ‘interface’ with the ground we walk on. When we walk or run the way our feet ‘interact’ with the ground causes associated movement in the lower limb, lumbar spine and pelvis. This is a normal occurrence, but sometimes subtle variations in the shape and mobility of our feet lead to changes in this ‘interaction’ with the ground, often placing excessive stress and strain on not only the foot but also other parts of the body.

Podiatry at HFS

The Podiatrists at HFS Clinics are expert at analysing these movements and use sophisticated analysis to determine if your gait (the way you walk) is causing your problem.

They understand that to get to identify the underlying cause of your problem they need to consider not only the foot, but also how the trunk, pelvis and entire lower limb move and interact with one another. Changes in foot function with the use of orthotic devices and / or exercise therapy can change the way the lower limb functions and reduce the damaging forces that ultimately give rise to pain and injury.

Our clinics are located at Aldgate, Moorgate and Harley Street in the City of London and the West End. We also offer a variety of health and fitness solutions for other pains and sport related injuries. Contact us now to take an appointment for a podiatry session to relieve the pain in your foot and other foot conditions.

Wayne Edwards

MD & Director of Podiatry

Wayne graduated from the London Foot hospital in 1991.

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