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Running Academy

Running Academy

Running is one of the most popular methods of exercising and if you can manage to stay injury free it is certainly one of the best ways to keep fit. However runners do tend to get frequent injuries usually through a combination of poor technique combined with doing ‘too much too soon’.

Think of your body like a machine; like the moving parts of any machine your joints will tend to wear out eventually but this happens more quickly if they are moving badly. If you can learn to run more efficiently not only do you significantly reduce your injury risk but you will also improve your performance at the same time.

At HFS we only use experienced physiotherapists and podiatrists to deliver this service as we find that their medical training gives them far more insight into movement analysis and the reasons why we don’t always move correctly or efficiently. You should not expect anything less with something this important. Our bodies are often not an exact mirror image from left to right and subtle differences in leg length and exact shapes the joints and bones in the legs and feet are very common. With these skeletal differences one side is not expected to move and look the same as the other. To miss these things sometimes has disastrous consequences……

Once you have completed an examination of your muscle and skeletal systems, each session will identify your movement pattern “imperfections” or “weaknesses”, through detailed analysis of your whole body posture and movement. We use state of the art high speed video gait analysis to identify movement pattern faults and relate these to muscle performance and skeletal findings. Specific coaching drills and muscle conditioning exercises are then prescribed and practiced with regular video feedback so that you are able to see immediately as the improvements are made.

People often run awkwardly due to things that are out of their control and referral to sports massage or physiotherapy to get stiff joints and muscles loosened up or to podiatry to balance foot posture might also be required to get the body working efficiently again. It is not just about the skill of running.

Nick Critchley

Director of Physiotherapy

Nick graduated in 1997

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