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We are proud of having a very high success rate in treating people with back pain. The success lies in ensuring we cover all areas that are leading to adverse forces occurring in the spine.

An assessment of posture and retraining of how to sit and stand is the most important consideration and will be the first thing you are taught. The stability muscles cannot work efficiently if you are in a poor posture.

We follow this up with an assessment of how you work. Many of our clients are desk based and everything from the height of the screen to the chair and position of the mouse and keyboard is discussed to ensure you are correctly supported. We are not designed to sit still for eight hours so need some help.

Exercises to train the abdominal stability mechanism (core stabilisers) are taught and once the spine is controlled with these muscles we progress onto higher loading targeted at returning you to the activity you wish to complete be this sitting at a desk or completing an Iron Man.

Manual techniques to mobilise joints, relax muscles combined with acupuncture and taping may all be used to assist in resolving the pain.

There are some issues where physiotherapy cannot provide a satisfactory cure and in these cases we work closely with some excellent Consultants who can provide MRI scans, injections and as a final resort surgery to help resolve any pain.

Got a question about Treatment ask Deb Wadham

Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapist

Deb completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons.)

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