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Cartilage injuries of the hip joint such as labral tears and chondral lesions often cause sharp ‘catching’ groin pain. Early identification of these problems is important as these injuries generally respond poorly to conservative treatment often requiring surgery.

Groin muscle (adductor) strains / tears are common in sport that involves sudden changes of direction or lunging movements and generally resolve quickly. On occasion however groin pain following muscle strains can become recurrent and long standing in nature. This is due to the close association the adductor muscles have with the muscles of the lower abdominal wall, which there has often been associated injury such as an abdominal hernia. The lumbar spine and joints of the pelvis can also refer pain to the groin.

Osteoarthritis is commonly seen in the hip and can present with pain deep in the groin and buttock or even pain in the knee. Fractures around the hip are thankfully rare in the young and active although when they do happen the forces involved are large and commonly occur with secondary injuries.