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Treatment of these injuries may include manual therapy techniques to the lumbar spine and pelvis where appropriate, soft tissue therapy to tighten muscles of the region can also help. However the focus as always is on eliminating the underlying causes through specific exercises to improve gluteal muscle strength, and lumbar spine / pelvis ‘core’ stability.

If you have had surgery on the hip there can be a long path to recovery as we need to firstly regain the movement in the joint and the postural muscle control before working on the strength and control around the lumbar spine, hip, pelvis and the rest of the leg. You may well have also used crutches which can lead to changes in how you walk so the Physiotherapists will work with you outlining methods of correcting your gait where appropriate, including sport specific training.

The mechanics of the feet have a significant part to play in working with the hip to control the leg so a Gait analysis, performed by an experienced Podiatrist, can be required to identify any issues and determine whether changes to footwear or the provision of orthotics will assist in recovery or injury prevention.