HFS Clinics offer a 20% discount off all physiotherapy services. HFS Card members will only pay £60 for the initial physiotherapy consultation (normally £75) and £50 for all subsequent appointments (normally £60).

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In the case of trauma, you may have seen an Orthopaedic Consultant before coming in for Physio, so the diagnosis will have been made. All of our Physio’s are trained to run the same tests as Consultants, so if you come to us first and we feel you have damaged something structural in the knee, we will refer you on to our network of exceptional Consultants for further investigations and potentially an x-ray or MRI scan.

With overuse injuries, we need to assess everything – from your back to your feet – to find the underlying cause. It is common to have a few issues that need working on, so we have a fully integrated team of Physios and Podiatrists to ensure your assessment is complete.

To a skilled clinician, most non-traumatic injuries to the knee can be diagnosed by asking a number of specific questions and running some quick tests, but with the knee, it is the why, rather than the what, that leads to a cure for your pain.