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Shoulder injuries come in all shapes and sizes however the most common problems relate to either shoulder instability or shoulder impingement. Instability ranges from subluxation where the ‘ball’ moves momentarily out and then back into the ‘socket’, to dislocation where the ‘ball’ dislocates out of the ‘socket’ and either relocates spontaneously or with intervention from a medical professional.

Impingement put simply is pinching or scuffing of soft tissues (mainly the rotator cuff tendons) under a bony arch that overhangs the socket of the shoulder joint leading to inflammation of these soft tissues. Other common injuries in the shoulder region include AC (acromioclavicular) joint strain, labral tears, and rotator cuff tears. Pain can often be referred to the shoulder from the neck and middle back regions and it is not uncommon for pain caused by problems in the shoulder to be referred down the outside of the upper arm.

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